The Toast Session

A time to reflect with a cup of tea and some toast

Monday, December 11, 2006

oh sweet bippy

for fucks sake, nur nur nur, shouldv gone to see underseige and had a pie. after having a complete and total 3 hors sleep last night, preceeded by 4 the night before, and about 2 the night before that, i got up this morning to the freezing cold to sit in traffic to come to uni which is deserted. joy. but, why the lack of sleep i hear you cry. (well probably not, since no-one reads this bloody thing, probably more like, shut the fuck up whining you insomniac basterd. but if you thing my whining is bad read rics blog.) well ill tell you. my bloody job gets me up at 5 in the morning. i may have mentioned this before, its something of a sticking point with me, id get a new one, but with rent cheques and christmas i cant afford to go onto a starting wage right now. anyway after a 18 hour weekend in a kitchen, screaming at the incompetent people, i got to go home. well technically thats a lie, i got to go to meadowhall and walk round till it closed with my brother untill it closed looking for a birthday present for my father. did we find anything. did we buggery. so all in all a pretty shit weekend. oh yeah, and i burnt my arm quite badly. well, i say i did it. some spavie walked into me with a burning hot spatula that had been left on the grill. moronic imbacile. wasnt all bad, my pigeon came ova last night. admitadly to use the computor till almost 3 in the morning. but afta that was fun

Thursday, December 07, 2006

well now...

right, im here im bored. to be honest isnt that why were all here, and not just on blogger. the latest on the guitar situation, i have no guitar, in fact iv not even seen any of the people who are suposed to be replacing it since the last blog.

anyway. i think its about time i left something tea related. since no1 has left me any of there favorite teas i shal have to leave another of mine.

that first cup you have, hopefully waiting for you, when you get home from a long day of incompetent people and undue responsability in a place where despit the number of people working there, you wind up doing the work of three.

so, whats your favorite cup?

Friday, November 24, 2006

ooooh bad

i drank rather heavily last night, trhen followed that up with a long walk in the cold to get chips and cheeze and then followed that with the long walk home in the rain. its not the same getting chips and cheese without my pigeon. somehow she makes the simplest things fun. but i was with the rocsoc people, who are all tremendous geeks, and thats coming from someone who has everything terry pratchet has ever written. strange folk

Friday, November 17, 2006

just one more thing....

my lovely, lovely guitar (a cherry red gibson sg, that i had customised myself) has been stolen. fucking theiving studenty types. i worked bloody hard for that guiter, i bled for that giutar and now its gone. and its not even my fault, SOMEONE LEFT THE DOOR OPEN!!!! so i cant even get anything on the insurance. fucker. on the plus side my pigeon has shown me the first installment of ross nobles new dvd. expect lots of me quoting "20 years ago that dog was fuckin dying." and for aparently no reason screaming, "fucking bono!!"

at last

well, after nearly 3 full days staring at a computor, 2months reading and what seems like endless time making notes iv finnaly finished my dissertation. and what gets me the most, i was just in the library and i found a NEW BOOK all about what iv been harping on about for 23 pages!!! where was this book when i could have used it!!! ah well, its over now. it doesent have to be good, it just has to be done.

Monday, November 13, 2006

let us begin...

in honour of the lil bro joe (not my lil bro joe, the lil bro joe of someone we all kno!) here are some random questions that have allways puzzled me.

who looked at a sheep and thought, i know, ill shave that, cut it up, cook it and eat it?

what lazy bastard looked down at his cup and thought if only there was a long tube for me to drink this with?

who looked at a cow and said, ill drink what comes out of there?

who listened to the pitch for riverdance and went "i like it! lets give him money!"

why is there only 1 word for thesaurus?

who decided to spell phonetically like that? and lisp?

how desperate was the person who discovered that artichokes were edible?

Friday, October 20, 2006

bloody, bloody spaming fuckers

right then all you spamming bastards. as you may now notice iv put up word verification. this is because on my previous post there were no less than 4 spam comments. i thought i had friends. fool that i was.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

its about time

well since the title of this blog involves tea, i thought it was about time i said something about it. i had a really awfull cup of tea today. you know the kind that sticks to your throaght and makes your mouth feel carpeted. it was stupidly bitter and no matter how much milk or shugar i put in it was still bitter. it was a god awfull cuppa. not like the kind you get first thing on a sunday morning that are amazing, or the one you hav when you come in from a rainy day drenched. it got me thinking about what my favorite cup of tea is. now i know its dull but mine is the one you have with your lunch. but i has to be perfect, so here it goes...

theres a little bakery in the village near my mums, they do the best breadcakes ever, so a sandwith with those, fresh cooked ham, butter and cucumber. with this you have your cup of tea.

it must be PG and it MUST have 2 shugars. darren will agree!

then comes dessert.

now this you can vary. i usuall hev either a vanilla slice or 2 small lemon curd tarts. but it can be swapped for anything really but, YOU WILL NEED ANOTHER CUP OF TEA!!!

now, whats your favorite?